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Vitaccess draws on decades of experience in market access, PROs, and health economics to provide pragmatic, expert advice.
In case you’re wondering, we’re pronouncing it Vyte-access!

Mark Larkin

Mark LarkinLinkedIn Mark

Mark founded Vitaccess in 2014, after more than 15 years in consultancy, with the aims of:

  • Harnessing the power of the digital technology to better represent the voice of patients in drug development and market access
  • Working with fellow experts to provide realistic experience-based market access and HEOR consultancy.

The Vitaccess model is to leverage technical and strategic expertise to achieve the clients’ goals.
He has a BA, MA and PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK. He lives near Geneva with his wife and three daughters.

Jon has over 20 years’ experience in software development for desktop, web and mobile, in a variety of industries, including health economics, banking, life insurance, and pensions. He has managed software development projects for a variety of actuarial, market access and health economics applications. Jon is a Chartered IT Professional, a Registered Practitioner in PRINCE2 project management, and a Certified Professional Scrum Master. He is Director of Technology here at Vitaccess.

Jon Spinage

Jon SpinageJon Spinage

Helen Williams DPhil

Helen WilliamsLaura Thompson

Helen has 7 years’ experience managing global language services supporting large-scale international clinical trials, first with leading international health consultancy Oxford Outcomes and subsequently as part of the Commercialisation & Outcomes division of ICON plc, a top 5 Contract Research Organisation (CRO).

Her expertise lies in leading client and project management teams handling a variety of life sciences translation programmes for application across a range of platforms, from traditional paper to interactive voice and web response systems, tablet and smartphone/BYOD.

Helen is Director of Operations at Vitaccess, based in the Oxford office, UK

Hara is a Senior Consultant at Vitaccess. She has a background in health economics and 15 years’ experience in the fields of HEOR and market access. She specializes in the development of evidence generation P&R strategies and has managed a variety of primary and secondary research projects. Her experience covers a plethora of disease areas (hematology, oncology, rheumatology, dermatology, ophthalmology, endocrinology, respiratory diseases, CNS) and diverse types of products, including pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical devices.

Hara Kousoulakou

Hara KousoulakouHara Kousoulakou

Sujyotee Kretz

Helen WilliamsSujyotee Kretz

Sujyotee has 11 years’ experience of managing international commercialisation and outcomes research projects across a range of indications, with particular expertise in linguistic validation and multilingual projects, first for Mapi Institute (Lyon) and subsequently ICON Plc (Oxford).
Sujyotee is bilingual French/English and holds an MSc in Scientific, Medical and Technical Translation with Translation Technology. Sujyotee is Operations Lead at Vitaccess, basesd in the Oxford Office, UK.

Annabel is an independent consultant specializing in the regulatory and HTA aspects of Patient Reported Outcomes and other clinical outcome assessments, based on 20 years’ experience. She develops PRO strategies to support regulatory and HTA submissions, including development and validation of instruments. Annabel was Director of the Patient Reported Outcomes group at Oxford Outcomes (now ICON plc) and Director of Patient Centered Outcomes at PRMA Consulting. Annabel is co-chair of the Drug Information Agency (DIA) Study Endpoints community.

Annabel Nixon PhD

AnnabelAnnabel Nixon

Julie Winstone PhD

Julie WinstoneJulie Winstone

Julie is a market access consultant and senior medical writer with over 14 years of commercial and academic writing experience. She is highly skilled at communicating complex clinical and health economic information and has worked on HTA submissions to NICE, the SMC, the JCVI, and HAS. Julie has managed numerous projects, such as GVDs, HTA reviews, epidemiology studies, and literature reviews, in a variety of disease areas (including oncology and orphan diseases). Julie has an excellent understanding of quantitative and qualitative research methods and statistics and has contributed to various statistics-based projects (e.g., retrospective audit analyses of PROs, meta-analyses, and disease-risk scoring systems).

Helen has 20 years’ experience in medical publishing and market access. She has in-depth understanding of market access issues and a broad range of therapy areas, and has a particular flair for communicating complex concepts in clear, coherent language.

Helen Barham PhD

Helen BarhamHelen Barham
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